This page contains family related information and photographs.

First, a picture of my lovely wife, Akiko, taken at our wedding on August 29th, 2015 by my friend Curt Peters of Digital Dunes.

The next two pictures were taken in 2013 after my Great Granddaughter was born. They were taken at Scott's home.

In the back, standing on a bench is Connor. In front of him to your left is Glenn. To the right is Grace followed by Jake hiding. Next the old guy and then Kevin. The next line forward starts with Shyla (Glenn's partner and Wendy's lifelong friend) and then Wendy. Sliding over to the right is Jennie next to Adam. Forward one more line is Kaisha, Jenna, Austin and, being held by Jennie, Ruth. Front and center are the new Granddaughter, Myena and, grinning like a cheshire cat, Scott (who took these two pictures). Missing in action are Cyan and Cathryn who were at a basketball game, and Glenn's two girls, Haley and Taylor May who were with their mother.

This next picture was taken at the same time as the one above and is of my children. From left to right: Glenn, Kevin, Scott and Wendy.

The next picture is of my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Ursula taken at my wedding.

This is of Akiko's daughter, Gayle, and her husband, Dave Riggs.

And last is of Jeff and me holding a very old photo taken by our dad.

The link below will take you to an album of family pictures. Some of them are cute and, with my crazy family, some of them are weird.


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