Advanced System Manager Console

Advanced System Manager's Consol, hereafter Advmgr, includes programs that perform operations that cannot normally be done using the facilities provided by the normal OS. These programs are based on a combination of public domain software provided for free and my own research and efforts over the last ten years or so. They are referred to as System Programs.

These programs require full privileges and the account should be treated the same as the system account. Thanks to Ralf van Diesen of AVT, these programs have been designed to work in a cluster environment. Those items in the menu which are followed by a red asterisk employ SYSMAN to do this. Those programs in blue are inherently cluster wide. Those in white will not return to the menu.

Other selections are automated to assist the manager by helping to do things without having to remember dozens of little details. 1) the All Security procedure will be found to greatly assist in performing the majority of security operations a manager must regularly perform. Authorize will be run from here as well as the Access Control List Editor. There are additional things that can be done such as adjust another process' privileges and file encryption.

The Spy program will show what another terminal/process is doing. While not as complete as the commercial versions, it is pretty good for helping other users do their jobs. It was written from scratch without the benefit of listings and required a great deal of "poke and hope", intuition and a frightening number of system crashes. It only took six years to write.

We include a document called ADVMGR_MANUAL.TXT that, while a bit of a read, contains a large amount of information based on my many years of experience with VMS as a system manager, system programmer and software developer. There is a good deal of insight and innovation in this manual. If you are a VMS System Manager or Program developer, we think you will find it very useful. You may open it in PDF format by clicking on


and then saving it to your computer.

If you are running OpenVMS on an AXP box or its equivalent in software emulation on an X86 box and have version 6.2 or greater, you can download Advmgr by clicking on the link below. Use FTP to put it onto your OpenVMS computer. It installs with VMSINSTAL. Please display and read the release notes. Failure to do so will lead to a compromised experience.

Advmgr Download

If you are a programmer, you may be interested in the source code for this package. I will be happy to provide it for free. I choose not to post a link because, if you are a system programmer/manager type, I'd like to make your acquaintance. Please go to Contact, send me an email and introduce yourself.