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Here you will find links to a couple of books I have self published. I hope you enjoy them.

Links and Descriptions
Debt How to get out of debt and stay out.
Life An Oregon Life
A compilation of most of my Christmas letters


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This button will play a movie that runs for about a minute. For those of you who have ever dreamed of being a surfer dude, this one's for you.

The Siuslaw Viewfinders Camera Club is our local camera club. It has been in existence for twelve years. Galleries of member's work are available for viewing by the public (no login required). I suggest this is a great place to see some gorgeous work. Our club is also a member of The Columbia Council of Camera Clubs where additional work is on display. You can't go wrong visiting these places.

Digital Dunes is owned by my very good friend, Curt Peters. His company provides many services for photographers such as printing and mounting as well as photography for weddings, meeting and gatherings of all types. In addition, Curt is one of the best landscape and nature photographers around and has a large gallery of his prints for sale. Visit his site often as he is constantly adding new material.

The Archives is a local company which specializes in fine art pictures of celebrities, particularly those popular in the fifties and sixties. Many of the photos are of Marilyn Monroe taken by her friend and business partner, Milton Greene. This is a fine site to visit.

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